Jewellery Repair & Revitalization

I often get asked by family, friends and colleagues to repair a piece of broken jewellery. Often it’s just as simple as getting out my pliers and fixing a bent o-ring, while other times they request to have the piece refreshed or remade into something “new & improved”.

I actually like doing these projects because they are often easy fixes and I like making someone happy that easily. I also like the challenge of taking something that someone obviously values and refreshing it to satisfy their current needs or wants.


I completed all of the above projects in one evening. A necklace was broken and needed some links of the chain, well, re-linked. One pair of earrings had lost a hook while the other had hooks made with a gauge of wire too thick for the owner’s piercings so I swapped the hooks for a thinner pair.

The necklace had been well-loved before it broke, and wasn’t the same any more, so the owner asked if I could revitalize it. She had seen a necklace she loved on a shopping website and asked if I could use that for inspiration, so I wrapped the piece of amber in wire and added it to a long chain, then used the extra beads to make bonus earrings for her.

Here I had a pair of earrings that the owner loved – well, she loved the fire glass beads but not the style of hooks they were one, and one had obviously become quite mangled at some point. She brought them to me with a package of Swarovski crystals and asked if I could redo them with more user-friendly hooks and with the addition of the crystals.





I usually do these projects free of charge if the materials are provided – I work on the theory that it’ll come back to be in the end! Plus, I like doing it and it keeps me making jewellery in some sense even when I don’t really have time right now to create a whole lot of original stuff.


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